New Android App with ReactNative?! Hell NO!

So you are planning to use ReactNative for Android Development?! I’ve made some first steps with this brand new technology created by Facebook. Here is why I think that you should NOT use ReactNative for serious development! As always, if you disagree with this, just let me know in the comments so we can discuss and maybe you prove me wrong and convince me that ReactNative is actually great! Continue reading New Android App with ReactNative?! Hell NO!

Things every new Android Developer should be aware of

Walking through the world you can see mobile devices everywhere and if you are a developer or want to become one, you may come to the conclusion that development for mobile devices seems to be a great idea. You are right! But first make sure you know the following things, which I think are essential for every android developer!
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Master thesis

AGTReha is a computer-based TeleReha application, which is designed to support and guide rehabilitants after their stationary therapy in their home environments. Long term secondary prevention in home environments is a very important aspect in maintaining the newly recovered functionality of the locomotory system. The learnt exercises have to be integrated into the daily routine of the rehabilitant. For making the integration and surveillance much easier, AGTReha has been developed.
In this master thesis the first version of AGTReha will be analyzed regarding the weaknesses and possible improvements. Based on this analysis new challenges for the in this thesis developed second version of AGTReha are extracted.
After the implementation of the new version an open, anonymous, experimental and not controlled study will be performed. The study should verify the quality of the user interaction and the graphical user interface for maximizing the positive experience of the user.


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